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Fun Code Snippets

Draw yourself a by pasting the following elementary code in R (inspired by the locket from The Illusionist)

X <- rnorm(10000)
Y <- rnorm(10000) 
plot(X, abs(X)+Y, col="purple", cex = .5, pch=16)

If you are feeling more adventurous you can try my Python implementation of John Conway's Game of Life.

I Оften Frequent

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Ramon van Handel's Wonderful Notes on Probability in High Dimension
Roman Vershynin's Excellent Summary of results on Random Matrices

Collaboration Distance

My Erdös number is 3.
My Neykov number is 5. Yeah, statistics runs in the family. My dad is a statistician. Lowering the Neykov number is on my to do list.

Fun Links My buddy Artur's highly addictive puzzle solving website Learn Python while solving fun problems!  Careful with this one. Highly Addictive! 🙂  A healthy dose of paranoia and sad truths about our digital world
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